The Dark Knight


Only the good die young

— A Quiet Christmas


Batman: -c- Robin, I’m on the west spire of the church. Report location.

Robin: -c- I’m just finishing checking on Oak Street, be there in 30 seconds.

Robin: -jumping across rooftops-

Batman: -c- I took out a few vandals and a gang fight. Not bad for a Christmas…

— Leftovers and S’mores [A flashback]


Bruce Wayne: -sitting with my papers set in neat piles across the dining room table, poring over old expense reports-

Diana Prince: -standing outside Wayne Manor, rings the doorbell and waits patiently-

Bruce Wayne: -gets up to answer the door, to let Alfred continue sleeping, picking up my jacket off the back of the chair and pulling it on-

Bruce Wayne: -opens the door- Diana. Good to see you.

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The effect Bruce has had on my life is profound. There’s no question that knowing him had changed me, changed my relationship to the world, profoundly. I’ll admit that there were times when I felt restrained somehow… bridled. There were times when the mission seemed like a lot to carry… Times, even, when I wondered if the whole thing didn’t go against my essential nature. More often though, though, this work that I’ve done with Bruce has felt like an advocation, a perfect expression of everything I’ve ever been capable of becoming.

Dick Grayson, Nightwing #100 (via fuckyeahdickgrayson)

— The Excessively Detailed Headcanon Tumblr Meme


[[Because this seems like an excellent challenge…]]

Send me some numbers, and I will tell you:

  1. What does their bedroom look like?
  2. Do they have any daily rituals?
  3. Do they exercise, and if so, what do they do? How often?
  4. What would they do if they needed to make dinner but the kitchen was busy?
  5. Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.) 
  6. Eating habits and sample daily menu
  7. Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time
  8. Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging 
  9. Makeup? 
  10. Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such?
  11. Intellectual pursuits?
  12. Favorite book genre?
  13. Sexual Orientation? And, regardless of own orientation, thoughts on sexual orientation in general?
  14. Physical abnormalities? (Both visible and not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food-intolerances, etc.) 
  15. Biggest and smallest short term goal?
  16. Biggest and smallest long term goal?
  17. Preferred mode of dress and rituals surrounding dress
  18. Favorite beverage?
  19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night?
  20. Childhood illnesses? Any interesting stories behind them?
  21. Turn-ons? Turn-offs?
  22. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?
  23. How organized are they? How does this organization/disorganization manifest in their everyday life?
  24. Is there one subject of study that they excel at? Or do they even care about intellectual pursuits at all?
  25. How do they see themselves 5 years from today?
  26. Do they have any plans for the future? Any contingency plans if things don’t workout?
  27. What is their biggest regret?
  28. Who do they see as their best friend? Their worst enemy?
  29. Reaction to sudden extrapersonal disaster (eg The house is on fire! What do they do?)
  30. Reaction to sudden intrapersonal disaster (eg close family member suddenly dies)
  31. Most prized possession?
  32. Thoughts on material possessions in general?
  33. Concept of home and family? 
  34. Thoughts on privacy? (Are they a private person, or are they prone to ‘TMI’?)
  35. What activities do they enjoy, but consider to be a waste of time?
  36. What makes them feel guilty?
  37. Are they more analytical or more emotional in their decision-making?
  38. Would they consider themselves a Type A or Type B personality? 
  39. What recharges them when they’re feeling drained?
  40. Would you say that they have a superiority-complex? Inferiority-complex? Neither?
  41. How misanthropic are they? 
  42. Hobbies?
  43. How far did they get in formal education? What are their views on formal education vs self-education?
  44. Religion?
  45. Superstitions or views on the occult?
  46. Do they express their thoughts through words or deeds?
  47. If they were to fall in love, who (or what) is their ideal?
  48. How do they express love?
  49. If this person were to get into a fist fight, what is their fighting style like?
  50. Is this person afraid of dying? Why or why not?